Breakthrough from Limiting Thoughts & Beliefs, Reclaim Your Power, & TRANSFORM Your Life Today!

Now, more than ever, it's essential to have the guidance that allows you to be fully YOU! You have the power to retrain your mindset and change your life. 

It is my mission and passion to help you to retrain your subconscious mind, eliminate self- doubt, gain more confidence, learn positive & healthy habits so you can acheive your goals and succeed in all aspects of your life: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Integrating 40 years of experience in many health care settings as a Registered Nurse with complimentary and alternative medicine: Hypnosis, Essential Oils, Energy Healing, Reiki, and Spirituality

This is exactly what you experience when we work together:

Soodabeh Mokry, RN, CHt,

  • Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of Emerging You
  • Author of the immigration memoir, Angel Nightingale
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Certified Hypnotist
  • Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner 
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Transformational Coach for High Performing Women
  • Registered Nurse

Healing with Light Hypnosis


Worthiness & Self-Love Hypnosis


Eliminate Self-Doubt & Self-Sabotage Hypnosis


Confidence & Success Hypnosis

Healing with light

Abundance Meditation

Yoga Square

Abundance Masterclass


Manifesting With Angels