Soodabeh Mokry, RN, CHt

From Escaping the Rule of the Iranian Government to Becoming an Inspirational Speaker, Author, & Transformational Coach!

Soodabeh Inspires women to a new level of resilience, courage, power, joy, and abundance.

"Understated Power" only begins to define who Soodabeh Mokry is. Known to many as a mild-mannered Angel teacher, Soodabeh is so much more.

Having arrived in the United States, with the odds stacked against her, Soodabeh knew she was at a fork in the road. 

Choosing to explore her options, Soodabeh's life story is one that will inspire you to live your best life ever.

Soodabeh enjoys sharing her insights on podcast and radio shows. 

She specializes in working with professional women in transition who are ready to live their best life ever.

Wonderful, Brilliant, Insightful

Soodabeh is the epitome of an American dream. Soodabeh knows exactly what it feels like to live a life that is shattered, filled with fear and more hopeless by the day. Escaping her war-torn homeland at the age of thirty, Soodabeh discovered an inner strength she had no idea she was capable of. 

Her fantasy of a happy life in the United States as a refugee from Iran was replaced by a nightmare when her marriage ended shortly after she arrived. She was left alone with two young children, no money, no family or friends, and the challenge of learning a new language.

Embarking on a life-long journey of learning, self-discovery, and enlightenment, that continues to unfold to this very day, Soodabeh inspires people to move beyond our limitations to create lives we desire.

Soodabeh has made it her life’s work to teach others how to create & manifest a successful life: living a life filled with joy, serenity and happiness, regardless of their past, their current circumstances, or what seems to be a limiting future. 

Supported by her forty years of experience as a Registered Nurse and the data behind both Western and alternative wellness techniques, Soodabeh empowers people by providing the step- by- step tools to achieve our goals.

Soodabeh has worked with people suffering with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain – many of whom come to her after other attempts and relapses. Soodabeh believes that there is always hope, and she is committed to helping people live a healthy and happy lives.

We are each born with the power, passion, and determination to experience a harmonious and fulfilled life. Sometimes our challenges seem to prevent us from reaching our full potential. Limited thoughts and beliefs that we learn from our parents and communities may encourage us to give up and settle for less.

But Soodabeh’s message in her patient sessions, presentations and programs, and writing is this... you are not bound by any circumstances. You can create and manifest the life you want. You own the power to create your destiny!

Soodabeh is available for podcast and media interviews. To learn more, CLICK HERE. 

This May Suprise You!

Outside of running the business she loves and working with clients she fully appreciates, Soodabeh is equally passionate about her family. She doesn’t mince words when she says, “My family, son, daughter, daughter in law, and my two grandchildren are my world.”

Soodabeh has competed in the Pro AM Division for Ballroom and Latin dancing for years. Her passion for Ballroom and Latin dancing included creating and designing costumes for herself and other dancers. Sewing was a skill she learned from her aunt when she was 14.

Her passion for nursing was both professional and personal. Soodabeh volunteered with youth community outreach programs and raised funds for a nonprofit hospice program to help people who could not afford medical expenses.

Before the many shutdowns, Soodabeh offered free guided meditations to address stress management in her local community. Now she offers meditations by way of digital recordings and her Clubhouse involvement.

Her lifelong goal and vision are to open a healing retreat center where many of the healing modalities she utilizes in her own coaching can be offered as well as collaboration with other healers who are equally committed to the life work they do.

Certifications and Degrees

  • Certified Pain Management
  • Certified Complimentary
  • Alternative Medicine

  • Certified Hypnotherapist 
  • NLP practitioner

Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner

         Registered Nurse 

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