The Importance of Integrative Therapy in Medical Settings, Part One

As long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a doctor or a teacher. I have no idea why I felt that way or how I knew. My mom was a teacher, but I didn’t know anyone who was a doctor in our family.

When I was thirteen years old, my father died after a sudden heart attack. The pain of growing up without my father was excruciating. Consequently, I became determined to go to school and become a doctor to save lives.

Unfortunately, I failed the entrance exam for medical school. I was miserable; I felt as if I had lost my father all over again. My mother always wanted to be a nurse, but her father disagreed and demanded she be a teacher. Although my mother was a great teacher, the dream of being a nurse never left her. When she saw me miserable and desperate, she encouraged me to go to nursing school instead.
It was absolutely amazing. I loved being a nurse and helping people when they needed help the most. I felt as if I was born to be a nurse. I was so happy that my mother helped me to find my calling...


The Importance of Integrative Therapy in Medical Settings, Part Two

I grew up in Iran in a very strict and conservative family. I was the oldest of four, the only girl with three younger brothers. I never felt I was important growing up. I never felt I was beautiful or smart. Looking at my siblings, cousins, and other family members, I felt different. I was short while everyone else was tall and attractive. I had the perception of being not good enough. Not attractive enough.

Feeling alone and isolated, I focused on reading and learning at school. 


The Importance of Integrative Therapy in Medical Settings, Part Three

Suffering from multiple health issues and being told by some doctors that it was all in my head, made me look deeper at what is available for us. I began learning about the concept of energy healing, Reiki, and hypnotherapy. I started learning about the power of using essential oils and aromatherapy, eating healthy, taking the right supplements, and incorporating dancing and working out in my daily routines. It was then when I witnessed the miracle happening before my eyes...


The Benefits of Connecting with Angels

I lost my father to an unexpected heart attack when I was thirteen years old. He was my hero and my confidant. By losing him, I lost myself completely. I experienced a deep depression and felt more alone and isolated every day. I wanted to connect with him and be able to see him, hear his voice, and know what he was thinking of me. I could feel him with me, but wasn’t able to hear and understand what he was saying.

I also lost my younger brother two months before I left Iran and moved to America. It had been his dream to bring me to America, but he died suddenly in a car accident. I was devastated at the loss of both my father and brother. I wanted to believe they were still with me, but had no way of knowing...


Ten Effective Ways to Manage Stress

What Stress Is and How to Manage It Effectively

Stress is a normal and natural physical response. Stress is not always a bad thing but can be seen as useful when we are in basic survival mode. It’s a brilliant way to warn us when we are facing potential danger. During a stressful situation, our body activates its fight-or-flight system in order to keep us safe.

This phenomenon results in the release of hormones and chemicals such as adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine so that the body can act and respond quickly in the face of a harmful situation. It causes increased blood flow to muscles, which results in higher heart rate and increased breathing to give us more energy to either fight the danger or run away to save our life...


Embracing Change

Change is a constant part of life. It is a natural and vital process for us to grow and evolve. Seasons change, day changes to night, and everything around us is constantly evolving.

However, it is one of the most frightening processes for people. We fear and resist change at work, in our homes, relationships, etc.

Fear of the unknown and losing control is one of the reasons people are afraid of change. We rather stay in an unhappy relationship than trying to live alone, or working in a dead- end job because of the fear of not being able to find something better...

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