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Working with Soodabeh has been incredible. I’ve gained so much inner knowledge and peace with working with her throughout the program.

I’ve been able to pinpoint past traumas, to acknowledge them, accept and release them. Soodabeh was able to make me relax, and she was so easy to Trust.

I’d get lost with her in such substantial conversations that incredibly helped me connect my thoughts of the day. Every moment spent with her and the meditations, that were done on my own with her guidance were absolutely for a higher purpose.

In the middle of the program, I became sick. Soodabeh was super understanding and would check up on me regularly. She waited 3 weeks for me until I felt better to return to our sessions. She put me and my health first, sending me light throughout that difficult time. Soodabeh I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for being the light that this world needs. Thank you for sharing that with me. Thank you for being my Mentor, truly an honor!

I can’t wait to continue to work with you in the months to come. Without a doubt, I can recommend Soodabeh to anyone looking for a better self in any area of their lives.

Perla Inzurriaga
Charge Nurse



After a couple of hypnosis sessions, it became clear through all of my distress, frustration, past life experiences I should write a children's book about dogs.  This has been a dream of mine for many years and I kept it suppressed.  The message was strong.

Thank you Soodabeh for helping me heal the past, uncover a dream, and bring it to reality.  The book was published in 2018.

Chris Stine
Chris Convenient Dry Clean



I have known Soodabeh as one of my Jazzercise members for years, but it wasn’t until I endure some heartbreaking losses that I began to learn about her gifts. By meeting with Soodabeh individually and online course, I learned that Angels are real. They are not just in prayers, stories, and movies. And that I have my own. I discovered her name!

I was able to go on hypnotic journeys that helped me to release some harmful baggage and journeys that I never knew were possible. Knowing and working with Soodabeh have changed my life.

Laura Mathys
Founder - Life Style by Laura
Owner - Beaverton Jazzercise



Soodabeh helped me through a very difficult time. I first went to one of her group workshops which inspired me to see her in a series of private sessions.

She helped build my confidence as well as many other issues through hypnosis. Working with Soodabeh transformed my life.

I was able to discover and connect with my intuition. I learned how to receive messages from my guardian angels gradually.

It has helped me to heal my past knowing I have my guardian Angel’s help, guidance, and protection.

Charlette Kurfurst
CK Hair Desig



Soodabeh’s workshop led me to connect and identify who my guiding Angels are, how I can rely on them for guidance. I experienced a deep sense of peace knowing I am not alone in my journey.

I have learned to ask for support from my angels and guided effortlessly towards my path of making progress without the stress and anxiety I had previously experienced.

It has made me feel empowered and grounded to show up in my business, for my clients, and in my podcasting, journey knowing that whatever comes is meant to be for the greatest good.

Thank you Soodabeh for the wisdom you’ve passed on to help me serve my purpose in the world with the help of my angels.

Keri Faith
Keri Faith LLC



I booked a session with Soodabeh because I was feeling like I had a hard time being calm. Things can get crazy trying to manage a household with 3 kids, a dog, and a husband who travels a lot.

After our first session, I knew I had come to the right place. We did a wonderful, guided meditation that was recorded. I have used it twice a day since that time.

I make it a priority to get up 20 minutes before everyone else to have some calming time for myself as well as set my intentions for the day. I also end the night listening to the meditation being grateful for the day I had. My kids have commented and noticed that I seem so much more calm and not as reactive when things are in chaos at home. Thank you Soodabeh.

Parisjat Benomyong Umscheid
Your Inner Ninja



I contacted Soodabeh because I have learned how valuable it is to have assistance when working on old stubborn beliefs and patterns as they reveal themselves.

I trust Soodabeh to help me. She has a wonderful manner and I trust her guidance.

I enjoyed our time together; had some very significant insights and left with a wonderful hypnotic journey I can use over and over.

Thank you Soodabeh! I look forward to our next session.

Deborah Ivanoff
The Being Coach



I’m excited to have had the opportunity to have Soodabeh speak at several our meetings. Soodabeh’s soft, gentle voice is quite calming, while her message is very inspirational.

I love the way she intertwines her own story while offering tips on improving our own situations. I highly recommend Soodabeh Mokry to anyone who’s interested in having a professional speaker.

Becky Tengwall
I Take The Lead Franchise Corp



I had the pleasure of working with Soodabeh both individually and in a group setting. Working with Soodabeh has truly transformed my life. She provided clarity and insights and helped me discover things I knew deep down but was unable to uncover on my own.

I cannot count how many times something has come up and I say to myself…that’s what Soodabeh was referring to. Sometimes the Angels give us guidance that doesn’t make sense at the time, but later things occur that remind us of what they were trying to convey.

Soodabeh helped me to discover my gifts and learn to trust myself. I am getting in the habit of asking guidance from the angels every day. I cannot count how many times I have had concrete confirmation that there was a divinely guided message.

Opportunities arrive when we start listening and trusting ourselves.

Gia Shaw
Deeply Kneaded Coastal Massage



After just two conversations and one relaxation session with Soodabeh, I feel amazing!

I literally called her because I was in physical pain from stress and anxiety. She spoke with me on the phone and helped me make an informed decision to come in and see her. She is very professional, caring, and sincere. She is so wonderful and brilliant. I highly recommend Soodabeh. I truly emerged as a better version of myself thanks to her!

Nina Roberts
Women with Brilliance



I was having difficulty losing baby weight and keeping any weight that I had managed to lose off. After six sessions I have been able to lose weight, stay motivated, and keep up my new lifestyle. I have lost 15 pounds so far!

I have shed 1 1/2 inches from my waist as well as in inch from my arms and thighs.

You are fully aware of what is happening while you are under hypnosis and Soodabeh guides you into directing your thoughts to what you really want to achieve.

She helped me want to exercise more and curb my sweet tooth. I highly recommend that if you are having trouble losing weight to visit Soodabeh. She will help you meet your goals.

 Give yourself a chance to a better tomorrow, you deserve it!

Deanna Marie Peiravi



If I had one word for Soodabeh Mokry’s Workshops and Meditations is would be FANTASTIC!  Her in-depth knowledge and heart-centered work has transformed my ability to center my focus on my inner feelings and wisdom.

I am a business owner, wife, mom, and family dog-walker, so my days are always in a rush to help or console someone!  So having a great opportunity to be a part of Soodabeh’s mindful practices as often as possible fuel my energy to keep up with all of life’s demands!

I never regret anytime that I have the privilege to spend with Soodabeh’s wisdom and counsel!  She provides the warmth, love and light of hope for me to fulfill my dreams and purpose!  Anyone considering a new perspective and way to reframe your life, would embrace Soodabeh’s training or meditations as much as you would need air to breathe! She is remarkable and a great soul to have in your life!

Lisa Moon Brumm
Founder, CEO
My Financial Girlfriend 

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