Embracing Change

Change is a constant part of life. It is a natural and vital process for us to grow and evolve. Seasons change, day changes to night, and everything around us is constantly evolving.

However, it is one of the most frightening processes for people. We fear and resist change at work, in our homes, in relationships, etc.

Fear of the unknown and losing control is one of the reasons people are afraid of change. We rather stay in an unhappy relationship than trying to live alone, or working in a dead- end job because of the fear of not being able to find something better. 


Resistance Is Futile


Sometimes we resist it because of lack of confidence and a low self-esteem; not believing that we are worthy of having the best life we want and deserve. I never liked changes and used to always complain about it. I didn’t know it was necessary and crucial.

I stayed in unhappy relationships for the fear of not being able to find someone better. Tolerated bullies at work due to the fear of not being able to find a better job. It took me many years to understand that it was inevitable and the most wonderful event in my life. I learned to embrace change the hard way!

Pain is Inevitable… Misery is Optional

I woke up with a sharp pain in my right hand and couldn’t move it in any directions. I was in tears, running to my daughter and asking her to help me to get dressed before taking me to the doctor’s office.

“What happened,” the doctor said. 

“I have no idea, I woke up with the pain,” I said while in tears. 

“What do you do?” she asked.

“I am a nurse,” I responded. 

She looked at me and smiled. “I know, I have seen it before. Do you really think it just happened for no reason?”

I had no idea what was going on, just wanted the pain to stop and be able to go back to work the next day. I had no idea it was the beginning of a long journey for me. My life changed from working every day, doing what I really loved, to daily trips for physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractor, massage, acupuncture, orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, and many more. 

The pain persisted, radiating to my elbow, upper arm, shoulder, and all the way to my neck. And eventually it was replaced by tingling and numbness. I had to wear a long splint from my upper arm to my fingers. In spite of all the tests, some more painful than others, no one could understand what was wrong with me. 


From Bad to Worse


I was depressed and desperate for an answer, crying all the time. I feared being disabled for the rest of my life. I began to pray, mediating every night, asking for guidance. One night during my meditation, I heard a voice. “You need to start writing.”

I was surprised, but I thought it was my imagination. I heard the voice again, “you need to start writing.”

“What is this? Don’t you see that I can’t do anything with my right hand? How can I write with this splint?” I was irritated.

But the voice didn’t leave me, and I knew I had to remove the splint and at least try. It was the beginning of a beautiful journey for me. Every night I would meditate and write messages from the spirit and angelic realm. The messages were inspiring and heartwarming. I would look forward to my nightly meditation and listening to the voice of my angels.


Signs are Everywhere


One night as I was sitting and watching TV aimlessly, I was flipping the pages of a nursing magazine. Most of the time, I would toss it in a recycling bin, but that night, it was different. All of a sudden, I felt as if I was searching for something specific. I noticed that it wasn’t me, but some unknown force and energy running through my hand and fingers. And suddenly, it stopped. I saw the ad, “American Holistic Nurses Association.

I was shocked. I ran to my computer and started searching. It was what I wanted and needed. It was the answer to my prayers. I signed up instantly, so excited to learn more about this organization. A few weeks later, I received the first publication, Beginnings.

It was then when I found and article about a company using integrative therapy. It was my dream job. I had been trying to incorporate integrative therapy in my nursing practice, but it wasn’t allowed or accepted where I was working at that time. I loved my coworkers and the company I was working with, but the dream of working where I could grow, learn, and be able to help people more was very intriguing. I knew I had to leave. Not only leave the job, but move to another state to work with the other company. 

That was the guidance of my soul, I could feel it with every cell in my body and my being. I had to take a leap of faith. I was frightened and didn’t know what to do. I kept asking for my signs and more guidance, and finally, I decided to go. 


Guidance Can Be Very Slight


I realized if I deny and ignore the guidance of my spirit, I will be forced to face it differently. My hand began to completely heal soon after I accepted and embraced my situation. I learned to love and honor myself, to take better care of my needs. I began to devote time to sit still and meditate every night and write the messages of love and inspiration. 

I realized that I had neglected myself for a long time. I didn’t take a break and had been working long hours. I loved my job; it didn’t seem “work” to me. But it didn’t matter. I needed to take time to reflect on my life, check in and hear the intuition, the guidance, and be ready to follow the guidance of the spirit. 


Spirit Knows


The spirit knows what we need, which direction to go, what is needed for our growth and higher self. When we are busy and unable to take a chance to notice, we would be forced to face the challenges and the obstacles. I learned to listen and pay attention. I decided to say “No” when I couldn’t or didn’t want to do something. I learned to honor myself and my spirit. I learned that what didn’t kill me made me stronger. I found courage and became empowered to know that I was deserving of having the best in life. 

As a side note, since that time, I have written two books, created several programs for others to find the joy I have discovered and now live a life I only once dreamed of.

Enjoy my Manifest Abundance Meditation. This is my gift to you.


Although it is scary at times, embracing change will open the doors to happiness and success. We are afraid of the unknown, not being able to see what is out there for us. However, once we decide to accept it, we realize that it is the most wonderful and rewarding event. 

Change is a natural process. It means that we are growing, becoming wiser, stronger, and getting closer to finding our mission and purpose in life. Like a butterfly ready to be free. And freedom is the most wonderful thing. 

We become consumed by dueling in the past or future and forget to be present and enjoy life. Focusing on being present, we won’t be afraid of the unknown. As we quiet our minds and become still, the answer and guidance will flow naturally and freely.

Be still and listen to the wisdom of your soul. The answer is within you. Don’t try to force things to happen. Sometimes you can’t hear the guidance right away, but it will come to you later. Maybe in your dreams, while watching your favorite TV show, or listening to a song. There are signs everywhere. You know when you see it; something within you notices it and you’ll feel it with your heart and soul.


A Life of Surprises and Blessings

Life will be boring if we know everything in advance. There would be no fun, surprises, or joy in knowing every little detail of our life. We are the creator of our lives. We have the power to manifest everything we need and want. This is our birthright. It took me many years to finally believe and understand this concept. I know when I don’t pay attention, I face the challenge. But also when I embrace the situation, I am able to break free and conquer anything that comes my way. 

Believe in yourself and the guidance of your spirit. Don’t worry. Leave behind the old belief that doesn’t serve you. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Be bold, take a risk, and try new things. Don’t procrastinate because you are afraid. There are lessons to be learned in order to grow and flourish. Take a leap of faith and follow your bliss. You will see magic unfolds right before your eyes. I promise it is worth it. You are worthy of all the happiness, joy, and success. 


Embrace the change!


Be sure to enjoy life along the way, with all the twists and turns. You never know what Spirit has in store.

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