The Benefits of Connecting with Angels

I lost my father to an unexpected heart attack when I was thirteen years old. He was my hero and my confidant. By losing him, I lost myself completely.

I experienced a deep depression and felt more alone and isolated every day. I wanted to connect with him and be able to see him, hear his voice, and know what he was thinking of me. I could feel him with me, but wasn’t able to hear and understand what he was saying.

More Loss

I also lost my younger brother two months before I left Iran and moved to America. It had been his dream to bring me to America, but he died suddenly in a car accident. I was devastated at the loss of both my father and brother. I wanted to believe they were still with me but had no way of knowing.

I had my first vision the day my brother died. It was a late afternoon and after I’d worked a busy shift in the university hospital. I was holding my two-year-old daughter in my arms, soothing her to sleep.

It felt as if I’d fallen asleep when the terror of seeing a dead man woke me up. I had no idea my brother had been in a car accident and died earlier that morning. Did he come to see me one last time and say good-bye? I wanted to know the answer.

I yearned for many years to know why I had that awful vision of my brother’s death. Why couldn’t I save him?

The Eternal Question

I was a nurse and had been taking care of many people and had saved lives. Why him and not me? I had lots of questions. I wanted to see and hear my loved ones. I needed to know I wasn’t alone. I needed to know there was a reason for all of my suffering.

Fast forward to a few years later after I moved to America. I was watching TV, and I saw an interview with one of the Hay House authors about how to connect with angels and be aware of their presence.

We have a minimum of one to two angels with us all the time. The best way to get to know them is to simply ask them to reveal their names to you. It may be easy for some people, but for others, it may take more practice. Don’t be discouraged. They are here to help and guide us, was what I remember her saying.

This was my first experience trying to learn and connect with angels, twenty years ago. The idea of having an angel really spoke to me because I had lost dear loved ones and longed for their presence. I felt as if my prayers were answered. I wanted to know if my father and brother were with me at that moment. I wanted to know if I had my angels with me.

Prayers Abound

Feeling very excited, I closed my eyes. Please God, help me to see or hear my angels, I kept praying. But after trying for a few hours of not seeing or hearing, I felt disappointed to have failed miserably. I had no idea everyone feels, hears, and understands the messages from their angels differently.

I began searching and researching, read books, and attended workshops. I even hired a coach to teach me how to connect with angels on a weekly basis.

It was then when I learned we connect with our angels differently. Some may hear thoughts in their minds, some may have dreams, and others, like me, may connect with feelings. The day I learned about my guardian angel was a victory!

Guided Imagery

My teacher was taking me on a guided imagery when Rose, my guardian angel, revealed her name to me. I saw a picture of a red rose, and the name Rose written in Persian and English during the meditation. It became my passion and life purpose to teach and write about the angelic realm.

I may not know all the answers, but I am content and in peace being able to hear and feel my loved ones now. Learning about the angelic realm and being able to connect with my guardian angels have allowed me to experience life fully, to witness many miracles in my personal and professional lives.

Angels are the messengers of God. They are beings of light and love. They are celestial beings and have never lived in physical forms. They don’t have an ego and have never had physical bodies. Angels are like best friends who never judge you and constantly embrace you with their unconditional love. They are here to guide, support and love us.

Angels Are There for Us

Angels are accessible to all of us, no matter what faith we believe in. They are not about a specific religion. Even if people don’t belong to any religion, they still have angels surrounding them. Although we each have at least one angel, which is our primary guardian angel, we can ask and have more angels at any given moment.

Our guardian angels are with us from the time we are born until we die and transition to the spirit world. Besides our guardian angels, our deceased loved ones in the spirit world also guide and support us every day. Even though they are different from our guardian angels, we still are able to connect with them.

Getting to know our guardian angels helps us to feel confident and at ease experiencing life challenges. They comfort us when we feel vulnerable and alone. Being able to hear and feel our guardian angels’ advice, allows us to follow our divine life purpose every day. Connecting with our angels aids us in getting to our destination quicker and without experiencing roadblocks.

God created angels because living in physical form can be challenging at times. However, he respected and blessed us with the gift of free will as well. Having free will means that even our guardian angels can’t intervene and make decisions for us if we don’t ask. It makes me feel very humbled and grateful to know our creator trusted us to make the decisions about our lives.

Get Out of Your Mind

Living in a physical body and having to deal with the analytical mind makes it difficult to hear the guidance of our angels. Our minds constantly try to protect us by reminding us about the negative and unpleasant experiences in our past in order to keep us safe. It makes us to believe we are alone, we are not good enough, not smart enough, or unworthy of having more by remembering what we have been told and taught since we were born.

The unconscious mind forms with certain beliefs before the age of six. We grow up with these false beliefs and perceptions about who we were told to be, rather than remembering the truth about who we are: the powerful spirits with all the wisdom, creativity, and ability to create our destiny.

For example, if we live in a household where money was always an issue, or our patents constantly argued, or we were told verbally or physically we weren’t good enough, we grow up believing all of these untrue statements about ourselves as proven fact.

Accepting and recognizing the guidance of our angels constantly reminds us that we are powerful, we are capable, and we are worthy of all the best in life.

Connecting with our angels helps us to be more confident. Every time we act upon our angels’ advice, we began to radiate more positive energy into our surroundings and environment.

It propels the negative energy and stresses our awareness and consciousness. We begin to spread more positive energy to everyone who enters our space.

This has tremendous effects on our well-being. We began to learn how to heal our lives. This healing will in turn impact the healing of the world! Interested to know and read about my life and my stories of healing with angels?

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